Excuses For The Extra-Marital Affair

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“I’ve fallen out of love with you.” This is one of the most common reasons behind an individual’s adultery, and one of the most common sign of an extra-marital affair. Most often than not, this actually points to a loss of sexual attraction in your partner’s side, and usually, he’s found someone else he’s attracted to as well. There are… Read more »

Post Affair Recovery – Overcoming Those Emotions

Still losing sleep over the affair? Dr. Huizenga here… Checking in to see where you are in the post affair healing process and offer you opportunities to make your recovery faster, more powerful and lasting. Have you moved?….From feeling Victimized and Helpless > Rage > Anger > Frustration > Sadness > Confusion > Discovery > Clarity and Understanding > Peace… Read more »

Post-Affair Recovery – The Basket Case

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 When you discover the affair demon in your marriage being a basket case is normal. Being a basket case has nothing to do with your intelligence or competence. You may have always seen yourself as a can do and talented individual. Infidelity causes you to question everything about yourself including these beliefs. Being a basket case is normal. Here are… Read more »

Post-Adultery Recovery – Marriage Restoration

Hello, Let’s talk about the phases of adultery survival you will need to know and work through in able to restore your marriage. In dealing with adultery, you suddenly realize your marriage license didn’t come with a manual to help you navigate through challenging marital troubles—especially those that are related to a spouse’s extra-marital affair. After the affair, you are… Read more »