Can Your Marriage Be The Same After The Affair?

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Hello, As I begin to write I get to wondering if it isn’t the brain that is the primary cause of of us not being able to accept and move on to restoring our marriages after an extra-marital affair.  As you begin to seek answers and continually run into stone walls, it will help to isolate and identify most of… Read more »

Post-Affair Recovery – Emotions

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If you are working to salvage your marriage after your partner’s affair, there are certain things to avoid doing that can throw off your efforts. When a spouse cheats, it takes a lot more to save the marriage than just deciding to patch things up and move forward. The victim of the affair has a lot to cope with, and there… Read more »

3 Steps To Preventing That Extra-Marital Affair

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a wand and never, ever have to experience the pain of an affair?   Never feel the agony of betrayal by your lover? Affair victims can attest: the pain of an extra-marital affair ranks up there with some of the worst experiences in life. When affair victims first discover the treachery of… Read more »

Extra-Marital Affair Survival Help

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Surviving adultery and an extra-marital affair IS possible. It may not feel that way if you’ve recently discovered the infidelity of your spouse or partner. If you just discovered the affair or the suspicions of an affair are so strong they are driving you crazy, you know what I’m talking about. Surviving may seem an appropriate word. It feels like… Read more »