Post Affair Recovery – Decisions

7 Guidelines for Decision Making When Facing An Spousal Extra-Marital Affair Facing infidelity or an extramarital affair means facing decisions. Your world is thrown into chaos, confusion, fear and here you are… trying to decide what to do. And, there are many  decisions looming. Do I throw him/her out? Should I spy? Do we separate? Do I talk about the… Read more »

Post Affair Recovery – Survival

The 3 Steps to Surviving an Affair I to want to recommend  this valuable aid to surviving an extra-marital affair.  Dr. Huizenga has suggested to all of his readers that they read this vital survival guide to an affair. Dr. Bob Huizenga Survive an Affair FREE course Click here and learn how to survive an affair (FREE course from Dr…. Read more »

Post Affair Emotions – Minefields

Hello, If you are working to salvage your marriage after your spouse’s affair, there are certain things to avoid doing that can throw off your efforts. When a spouse cheats, it takes a lot more to save the marriage than just deciding to patch things up and move forward. The victim of the affair has a lot to cope with,… Read more »

Post Affair Emotional Recovery Help

6 Reason Why An Extra-Marital Affair Will Turn You Into A Mental Basket Case. When you discover the affair demon in your marriage being a basket case is normal, as attested to by the fact that hundreds have come to me with their pain, confusion, rage and numbness upon discovery of their cheating spouse. Being a basket case has nothing… Read more »