Affair Marital Repair Steps Part I

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When your spouse cheats, an immediate rift appears between the two of you.

Even in the absence of an affair, a marriage bond can unravel when both spouses aren’t committed to maintaining, strengthening and building their emotional connection with each other. If your spouse has cheated, this connection suffers a devastating rupture.

In this blog, we’ll look at what it takes to repair the emotional connection and 3 rules you can use. Please keep reading…

Repair Your Emotional Connection to Your Spouse


Choose One:


No one gets married with the thought of someday being miserable in their marriage. When you have the extra-added hurdle of trying to survive infidelity, you may wonder how to regain common ground with your spouse, to a place where you can honestly say that you have a wonderful, strong relationship.

But right now, you may not know how to get there. Your internal dialogue may sound similar to this:

“Will we ever have a normal, intimate conversation again, or will we forever be arguing about the affair, trapped in a constant state of anger and misery?”

“What should I say that helps move our marriage forward, without having to offer forgiveness for cheating?”

“Our marriage is a mess, and I don’t see how we could ever have a healthy, loving relationship.”

“She/he will never change, which means our relationship is done.”

After a spouse cheats, the victim is filled with doubts about their or their spouse’s ability to heal and repair the relationship. Building a strong emotional connection with a spouse who has devastated you and caused this rupture in your relationship may seem like an insurmountable task. You are faced with handling the loss of trust in your relationship with your spouse—and all the other negative after-effects.

It won’t happen overnight, especially if the revelation of the affair is very fresh. There is a lot of internal emotional healing work for both the victim and the cheater to do within themselves before expending the energy to work on healing the marriage.

Also, building anything—especially a marriage—takes time, effort, and a stubborn attitude that says, “This affair does not define me, nor does it define my marriage, and we can and will move past this.”

Here are 3 rules to help you begin…I will continue with these in the nexpt post…Thanks for sticking with me this is rather long but well worth it.

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