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Bounce Back From The Affair

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Bounce Back From The Affair I have an online friend, , who has spent countless man hours putting together professional resources to help others bounce back from a spouses extra-marital affair.He has known many people who have experienced an affair in their marriage and would like to pass along some helpful information. Here are some of the topics covered in… Read more »

Coping With The Abusive Spouse -17 Tips

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I thought that this topic is so important I am posting it to all of my friends this week. How much do you tolerate with an abusive spouse? What have you put up with? In this blog I list 17 steps for coping with a spouse that exhibits addictive behaviors. Frequently, addictive behaviors increasingly over time lead to abuse thrown… Read more »

Your Marriage Will Never Be The Same As It Once Was!

Hello, Can Or Will Your Marriage Ever Be The Same After The Chaos Wreaked By An Extra-Marital Affair? As you begin to seek answers and continually run into stone walls, it will help to isolate and identify most of your emotions and reactions to this terrible event in your marriage.   I want my marriage to be the same as… Read more »

Extra-Marital Affair Help – Cheater’s Guide

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Healing from the Affair – A Cheater’s Guide What are the cheater’s responsibilities in healing the marriage? A True Story. Doug had an affair with a co-worker. Of course, Linda discovered the affair and was devastated. Doug and Linda read my e-book, “Break Free From the Affair,” and began rebuilding their marriage. That was 3 years ago. What makes their… Read more »