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Bounce Back From The Effects Of The Affair

Bounce Back From Affair By Dr. Bob Huizenga Work done by relationship professionals, who has spent countless man hours putting together professional resources to help others bounce back from a spouses affair. Can now be accessed Many have experienced an extra-marital affair in his marriage and providing resources is now their passion and mission. Results of their work and summary… Read more »

Post-Affair Recovery – The Basket Case

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¬†When you discover the affair demon in your marriage being a basket case is normal. Being a basket case has nothing to do with your intelligence or competence. You may have always seen yourself as a can do and talented individual. Infidelity causes you to question everything about yourself including these beliefs. Being a basket case is normal. Here are… Read more »

Post Affair Recovery – Excuses, Excuses

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Hello, I was talking to a friend recently whose husband had an extra-marital affair. Through her tears and frustration, she said something that stung me. She said that when she found out about the affair, her husband turned things around and blamed her. Yup, you read that correctly. After he had the affair, he had actually blamed her for something… Read more »

Post Affair Marriage Restoration

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This was my first post on the subject of extra-marital affair and how it just could be possible to restore your marriage. To start with let me say I take the subject of an Extra-marital affair very serious. In these posts I will try to be as open and honest as I can in that a persons who is having… Read more »