Cheating Defined Part II

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We talked last time about the definition of cheating in our culture today.  How it is not looked upon as a serious event and that “Everybody” does it.  Well, it all true and here is Part II on how you can gather together some signs to help you find out if your spouse it cheating.

Here are a few questions to help you define whether or not a behavior or action constitutes cheating:

1)    Is the relationship with the other person open and transparent?

Is the extent of the side relationship concealed from you, or is your spouse very open about the conversations that are had between he/she and the other person?

At heart, most spouses know that if they are sharing intimate conversations with someone other than their spouse, their behavior is wrong. And when a husband or wife makes an effort to hide the truth, then it can be defined as cheating.

2)    Is your spouse becoming angry and online casinos defensive?

Is your spouse getting heated when you bring up the question? Or, is he or she starting arguments or acting out of character? This is a means for finding a rationale for cheating.

3)    Is your spouse willing to protect the other relationship—at the expense of your own?

Sure, your spouse may have no choice in who they work with or see in your social group. But if they seem to be choosing the other relationship—when it is clearly damaging their relationship with you—this could be defined as cheating. Your vows were with each other—not a third party, and the allegiance should be to the marriage, first and foremost.

In the next post, I’ll help you examine your relationship and identify ways to remove the allure of looking outside of the marriage.

I would like to hear from you about your conversations with your spouse over what is cheating and what’s not…

How have you and your spouse, as a couple, defined cheating?

Have you ever encountered this situation, like the example given above?

When asking your spouse about a relationship, have you encountered resistance? If so, how did your spouse respond when questioned?

For a good start on how  to handle cheating in your marriage and better yet how to preclude it you need to take a look at this adultery survival course.

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Resolve don”t disolve,


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