The Cheating Spouse Has To Make A Sincere Apology

How do you know if your spouse  is truly sorry for the extra-marital affair?

Being and relating being truly sorry is as difficult to communicate as well as being difficult to receive. However, it one of the most important first steps to post affair recovery. And, marriage restoration.

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The first step in post affair reconciliation…”I’m Truly Sorry“.

Frequently, in coaching sessions, professional marriage counselors have heard the betrayed spouse wanting and needing to feel that the cheating spouse is “truly sorry”.

In some cases it doesn’t seem genuine or enough. The following scenarios are fairly common:

  • The cheating spouse out of guilt may want to forget it ever happened and refuses to talk about “it.”
  • The cheating spouse, fearful of the feelings of the betrayed spouse may also attempt to “put it behind them.”
  • The betrayed spouse often is looking for remorse, expressed with deep felt feelings. That remorse often does not appear.
  • The cheating spouse may say “I’m sorry,” but the depth of those words are called into question.
  • An expression of THE apology or heartfelt remorse is often seen as a tipping point in the ability to trust now, and in the future.

Click here to watch a video with three examples of an apology.

Make sure you take a look at the very helpful video.  And, then get together with your spouse and make a clean slate with a sincere “I’m Sorry”.

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