Extra-Marital Affair Surviving The Pain

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How to Survive The Extra-Marital Affair When You’re in Pain

The pain of infidelity

The Pain Of Infidelity Can Be Overwheming

I don’t want to go into detail regarding the fact that you feel pain.


It is a given.

It is real.

It consumes your days and destroys sleep at night.

Hands down, the discovery of infidelity rocks you and your marriage to the very core.

 Professionals report that after spending tens of thousands of hours over the past 30 plus years with people like you, suffering from the discovery of infidelity, I am sure of one thing: there is only one event that may possibly generate more pain and that is the death of your child

For the Next Month

For the next month focus on lessening the pain by giving thought and action to:

  1. Knowing that your pain is normal. There is nothing wrong with you.

  2. Begin to deprogram and relearn what you think you picked up along the way about infidelity and marriage. (Misunderstanding from well intentioned people add fuel to your pain.)

  3. Surround yourself with those who “get it” and “get you!”

There is help available to you in this process.

First, go to this blog post where you can find ways you can overcome the pain.

Extra-martial affair help

Help with coping with a spouse’s extra-marital affair. Save Yourself!

Did you know that a kitchen timer can soothe your pain and save your sanity?

Do you know that trying to get rid of the pain is one of the worst things you can do?

Take a second… Do you know what’s “underneath” your pain?

And, you can help yourself immensely by surrounding yourself with the right people.

To find out more about alleviating your infidelity pain go to:

Wishing you the best,


To learn more about “The first Step to Surviving Infidelity” go to:


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