The Internet And Extra Marital Affair Cheating


Here are more questions and concerns from readers about  internet and cheating

I’d appreciate your comments and opinions regarding the following scenarios (or your own scenario involving  internet cheating). How would you answer these questions? Have you experienced internet cheating? If so, how did you handle it? How do you feel about the internet, social networking and trust as it effects your marriage?

Facebook affair w/ old high school fling is exactly what my wife did. She was hooked before she knew what hit her. Her emotional affair eventually led to a physical affair even when I was aware of the emotional affair and attempting to save the marriage. We have been together 20 years, have 4 kids and both work full time. It has ruined our family. We are trying to reconcile but it’s been a month and I know she has stronger feelings for him than me (although I know it’s not real love). My question is: is there anything I can do to help her get over her feelings for the OP?
I had an extra marital affair that started with an email from a first love in high school. 40 years later I met up with him and it was a pure hell experience. Wish I had seen that website that warns these kind of hookups are very unwise if married. We both were.
My wife seems to have a compulsion for talking to guys while playing games. It always starts friendly then she ends up “falling in love.”
What is an appropriate way to keep up with old friends from high school and college without creating a risky situation? How can my spouse and I communicate about internet usage to create a climate of trust? How can we be accountable to each other in using the internet?
It’s desperate, mean, hateful, and cruel. Not only is the cheating spouse trying to hook up with someone sexually or other, but they are lying about everything and deceiving more people. Such insecure and childish behavior angers me.
Why do we turn a “blind eye” to the obvious? I saw the Skype icon on my wife’s computer and didn’t even bother to check out what Skype was.

Please leave your comments and feedback below regarding the effects the internet has had on your marriage.


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