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A Renewed And Strong Faith Can See You Through Adultery

The following real life adultery story is from one of our readers, a father of four who endured the pain and misery of his wife’s extra-marital affair. After realizing he could not change his wife, he began to focus on looking within himself and relying on his faith in God to make it through. Read his story below: My wife actually… Read more »

Post-Affair Recovery – The Basket Case

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 When you discover the affair demon in your marriage being a basket case is normal. Being a basket case has nothing to do with your intelligence or competence. You may have always seen yourself as a can do and talented individual. Infidelity causes you to question everything about yourself including these beliefs. Being a basket case is normal. Here are… Read more »

7 Basic Steps To Help Recover From The Affair

  7 Powerful Steps you MUST Take to Recover from the affair Here’s a basic outline of general steps I’ve seen thousands take over the past years as they face and recover from the extra-marital affair. Briefly, here’s a skeleton, my beginning point, for the 7 steps to affair recovery and marriage restoration. 1. You discover the affair and you… Read more »

Post Affair Recovery – Building Trust

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  Rebuilding trust in a marriage is one of the most difficult betrayals to overcome, and many couples can never really move past it. It will take a lot of time and love to rebuild the distrust that cheating has caused and unless both of you are committed to it 100% you might as well call it quits right now because… Read more »