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Does An Extra-Marital Affair Ever Go Much Further?

Hello, Why an extra-marital affair hardly ever turns into a permanent relationship? Extra-marital affair relationships, can they really last? If your relationship has started off as an affair and the two of you are wondering if you should leave your spouses and try to make a go of your relationship, you have to carefully consider the consequences of such an action…. Read more »

Your Marriage Will Never Be The Same As It Once Was!

Hello, Can Or Will Your Marriage Ever Be The Same After The Chaos Wreaked By An Extra-Marital Affair? As you begin to seek answers and continually run into stone walls, it will help to isolate and identify most of your emotions and reactions to this terrible event in your marriage.   I want my marriage to be the same as… Read more »

What Is “Cheating” In Today’s Culture?

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Hello I talked last time about how we as a culture and society define “Cheating”. Today let’s talk about how you can isolate and identify the problem and get on with restoring your marriage. Here are a few questions to help you define whether or not a behavior or action constitutes cheating: 1)    Is the relationship with the other person… Read more »

Post Affair Recovery – Overcoming Those Emotions

Still losing sleep over the affair? Dr. Huizenga here… Checking in to see where you are in the post affair healing process and offer you opportunities to make your recovery faster, more powerful and lasting. Have you moved?….From feeling Victimized and Helpless > Rage > Anger > Frustration > Sadness > Confusion > Discovery > Clarity and Understanding > Peace… Read more »