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Extra-Marital Affair Prevention -Why Not?

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Hello, I managed to find these tips on Making Your Marriage Extra-marital Affair Proof. Why not work on resolving your marriage issues before a crisis develops? Yes, there are ways the both of you can cement that marriage so that an affair doesn’t have to be a solution to the problem. Did you know that you can use the psychology … Read more »

Extra-Marital Affair Behavioral Signs

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Is My Husband Having an Extra-Marital Affair? – Five Symptoms of A Cheating Husband Women are blessed with good intuition. This has helped them make decisions faster and wiser, avoid dangerous people and situations and feel the reason behind a specific change of behavior. However, when it comes to detecting an affair, it may not be enough. It must go… Read more »

Extra-Marital Affair Help – Cheater’s Guide

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Healing from the Affair – A Cheater’s Guide What are the cheater’s responsibilities in healing the marriage? A True Story. Doug had an affair with a co-worker. Of course, Linda discovered the affair and was devastated. Doug and Linda read my e-book, “Break Free From the Affair,” and began rebuilding their marriage. That was 3 years ago. What makes their… Read more »

Post Affair Recovery – Overcoming Those Emotions

Still losing sleep over the affair? Dr. Huizenga here… Checking in to see where you are in the post affair healing process and offer you opportunities to make your recovery faster, more powerful and lasting. Have you moved?….From feeling Victimized and Helpless > Rage > Anger > Frustration > Sadness > Confusion > Discovery > Clarity and Understanding > Peace… Read more »