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Extra-Marital Affair Excuses

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Hi there. Common Excuses For The Extra-Marital Affair. I was talking to a friend recently whose husband had cheated on her. Through her tears and frustration, she said something that stung me. She said that when she found out, her husband turned things around and blamed her. Yup, you read that correctly. After he had cheated, he had actually blamed… Read more »

Honesty And Post Affair Recovery Help

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Hello Let’s get down to the basics of restoring your marriage after an adulterous affair. And the most common question affair victims want an answer for is: “How do I know my wife/husband is telling the truth? That’s a reasonable question. Unfortunately, the answer is a gray area.   Think about people who work for the FBI or even just… Read more »

Extra-Marital Affair Prevention -Why Not?

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Hello, I managed to find these tips on Making Your Marriage Extra-marital Affair Proof. Why not work on resolving your marriage issues before a crisis develops? Yes, there are ways the both of you can cement that marriage so that an affair doesn’t have to be a solution to the problem. Did you know that you can use the psychology … Read more »

Extra-Marital Affairs Are Risky Business.

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Extra-Marital Affairs bring on risk not only to themselves, but to their friends and family also. A cheating spouse takes on a lot of risk when they engage in an affair, including the possibility of losing you, their friends and family, and even losing the respect of colleagues and acquaintances. Along with cheating, your cheating spouse’s extremely poor error in… Read more »