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What Is “Cheating” In Today’s Culture?

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Hello I talked last time about how we as a culture and society define “Cheating”. Today let’s talk about how you can isolate and identify the problem and get on with restoring your marriage. Here are a few questions to help you define whether or not a behavior or action constitutes cheating: 1)    Is the relationship with the other person… Read more »

Extra-Marital Affair Behavioral Signs

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Is My Husband Having an Extra-Marital Affair? – Five Symptoms of A Cheating Husband Women are blessed with good intuition. This has helped them make decisions faster and wiser, avoid dangerous people and situations and feel the reason behind a specific change of behavior. However, when it comes to detecting an affair, it may not be enough. It must go… Read more »

Post-Adultery Recovery – Marriage Restoration

Hello, Let’s talk about the phases of adultery survival you will need to know and work through in able to restore your marriage. In dealing with adultery, you suddenly realize your marriage license didn’t come with a manual to help you navigate through challenging marital troubles—especially those that are related to a spouse’s extra-marital affair. After the affair, you are… Read more »

Post-Affair Recovery – Rebuilding Trust

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Hello Pulling the rug out from under those mistrust triggers is one of the first steps towards rebuilding your marriage after an affair. To rebuild a devastated marriage that has been shredded by lies, you need to create a new foundation of trust, one brick at a time. Knowing with 100% accuracy whether or not your spouse is lying to you… Read more »