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Extra-Marital Affair Survival Tips

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Stop the Extra-Marital Affair by Being SMART – Not Trying so Hard It is often the case that you cannot directly stop the affair.   Specifically for the affair type: “I fell out of love…and just love being in love” a direct assault most often results in the affair couple intensifying their contact or emotional involvement. You stand a chance,… Read more »

A Renewed And Strong Faith Can See You Through Adultery

The following real life adultery story is from one of our readers, a father of four who endured the pain and misery of his wife’s extra-marital affair. After realizing he could not change his wife, he began to focus on looking within himself and relying on his faith in God to make it through. Read his story below: My wife actually… Read more »

Discovering The Extra-Marital Affair

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Hello You just found out about your spouse’s extra-marital affair. You may think you’ll feel better as soon as your spouse gives you all the affair details, that maybe it’ll make the pain stop… Not so fast. Immediately asking the truth about the affair could actually delay your ability to move forward and heal from the pain. Without realizing it,… Read more »

Post Affair Emotions – Minefields

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Hello, If you are working to salvage your marriage after your spouse’s affair, there are certain things to avoid doing that can throw off your efforts. When a spouse cheats, it takes a lot more to save the marriage than just deciding to patch things up and move forward. The victim of the affair has a lot to cope with,… Read more »