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Extra-Marital Affair Questions And Answers

The Top 12 Extra-Marital Affair Questions Answered Lets take a look at what an experienced marriage counselor has found in his many years of experience as to why an extra-marital affair even happens. And possible solutions. It can also help if you can identify the type of extra-marital affair you are dealing with. Read on for 12 easy questions requiring difficult solutions…. Read more »

Extra-Marital Affairs Are Risky Business.

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Extra-Marital Affairs bring on risk not only to themselves, but to their friends and family also. A cheating spouse takes on a lot of risk when they engage in an affair, including the possibility of losing you, their friends and family, and even losing the respect of colleagues and acquaintances. Along with cheating, your cheating spouse’s extremely poor error in… Read more »

Extra-Marital Affair Help – Cheater’s Guide

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Healing from the Affair – A Cheater’s Guide What are the cheater’s responsibilities in healing the marriage? A True Story. Doug had an affair with a co-worker. Of course, Linda discovered the affair and was devastated. Doug and Linda read my e-book, “Break Free From the Affair,” and began rebuilding their marriage. That was 3 years ago. What makes their… Read more »

Extra-marital Affair – What Caused It?

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  The type of affair can determine the chances of marriage restoration. An extra-marital affair will not only damage your marriage , but can also drive you crazy and make you wonder what you have done to cause the affair. Dr. Huizenga, noted family counsellor and psychiatrist posted the following comment from his book…   Here’s a question regarding types… Read more »