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Extra-Marital Affair Excuses

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Hi there. Common Excuses For The Extra-Marital Affair. I was talking to a friend recently whose husband had cheated on her. Through her tears and frustration, she said something that stung me. She said that when she found out, her husband turned things around and blamed her. Yup, you read that correctly. After he had cheated, he had actually blamed… Read more »

21 Steps To Surviving An Extra-Marital Affair.

Hello, I have found an amazing Infidelity Support Group on Facebook, in which members join to both heal themselves and help others heal. It’s truly a remarkable group of people. From time to time I stumble upon a post that really resonates with me. This happened the other day, so I asked my group member for permission to share his… Read more »

Extra-Marital Affairs Are Risky Business.

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Extra-Marital Affairs bring on risk not only to themselves, but to their friends and family also. A cheating spouse takes on a lot of risk when they engage in an affair, including the possibility of losing you, their friends and family, and even losing the respect of colleagues and acquaintances. Along with cheating, your cheating spouse’s extremely poor error in… Read more »

The Internet And Extra Marital Affair Cheating

Extra Marital Affairs Can Well Begin Innocently On The Internet. Here are more questions and concerns from readers about  internet and cheating I’d appreciate your comments and opinions regarding the following scenarios (or your own scenario involving  internet cheating). How would you answer these questions? Have you experienced internet cheating? If so, how did you handle it? How do you feel… Read more »