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Post Affair Marriage Restoration

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This was my first post on the subject of extra-marital affair and how it just could be possible to restore your marriage. To start with let me say I take the subject of an Extra-marital affair very serious. In these posts I will try to be as open and honest as I can in that a persons who is having… Read more »

Post Affair Images Help

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What could be more torturous for an affair victim than to think they somehow don’t measure up to the paramour? No one wants to feel second best, or undesirable, especially not to the person you’ve given your hand in marriage to. Yet, many husbands and wives who’ve been cheated on wonder what’s wrong with them to make their spouse want… Read more »

After The Affair – Is It Over?

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Your spouse has cheated, after the affair and you’re wondering: is it over for us? Your marriage may have had ups and downs, and you’ve weathered a lot of rocky terrain together as a couple. Choose One: Get rid of the images?Will he cheat again?How I trust again?How do I forgive?Talk about the details? Coping with an affair (or other… Read more »

3 Steps To Stop Adultery Before It Happens

What’s the best way to handle marriage infidelity? Stop it before it happens.   If you had a crystal ball and could foresee your spouse having an affair in the coming months, what wouldn’t you do to avoid that pain—especially if you are dealing with post-affair pain now? In this blog, I’m going to tell you about one common situation… Read more »