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How To Get Talking About The Infidelity

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A major road block for many couples recovering from infidelity is talking about the infidelity. Frequently one (the betrayed) spouse needs to talk about the infidelity. The cheating spouse says, “No. It’s over. Let’s not drag up the past. Let’s move on.”     I can’t tell you how many times cheating victims bring up this issue. It’s HUGE. One… Read more »

Bounce Back From The Affair

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Bounce Back From The Affair I have an online friend, , who has spent countless man hours putting together professional resources to help others bounce back from a spouses extra-marital affair.He has known many people who have experienced an affair in their marriage and would like to pass along some helpful information. Here are some of the topics covered in… Read more »

What Is “Cheating” In Today’s Culture?

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Hello I talked last time about how we as a culture and society define “Cheating”. Today let’s talk about how you can isolate and identify the problem and get on with restoring your marriage. Here are a few questions to help you define whether or not a behavior or action constitutes cheating: 1)    Is the relationship with the other person… Read more »

Discovering The Extra-Marital Affair

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Hello You just found out about your spouse’s extra-marital affair. You may think you’ll feel better as soon as your spouse gives you all the affair details, that maybe it’ll make the pain stop… Not so fast. Immediately asking the truth about the affair could actually delay your ability to move forward and heal from the pain. Without realizing it,… Read more »