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A Renewed And Strong Faith Can See You Through Adultery

The following real life adultery story is from one of our readers, a father of four who endured the pain and misery of his wife’s extra-marital affair. After realizing he could not change his wife, he began to focus on looking within himself and relying on his faith in God to make it through. Read his story below: My wife actually… Read more »

Honesty And Post Affair Recovery Help

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Hello Let’s get down to the basics of restoring your marriage after an adulterous affair. And the most common question affair victims want an answer for is: “How do I know my wife/husband is telling the truth? That’s a reasonable question. Unfortunately, the answer is a gray area.   Think about people who work for the FBI or even just… Read more »

Finding Strength In The Midst Of A Spouses Affair

Regain That Strength You Will Need To Recover From Your Spouses Affair Following is a woman’s heartbreaking story of her experience with a spouses affair. Learn how she coped through a tragic turn of events and came out a stronger person in the end, despite the affair, largely because of her love for her children. Hello, I relate so much… Read more »

Post Affair Wondering

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Your spouse has cheated, after the affair and you’re wondering: is it over for us? Your marriage may have had ups and downs, and you’ve weathered a lot of rocky terrain together as a couple. Lets Take a goood look at the difficult question of whether or not your marriage is over, and 3 steps to help you in your decision…. Read more »