You Do Not Have To Fail In Your Affair Recovery Process

Hi Friends,

Did you know there are two common reasons many relationships  end before the affair recovery process is completed?

The first is because the intense anger and deep hurt block  your ability to break free and move forward.

And this second reason may surprise you.

Recently we surveyed 3000 individuals who were injured or  involved in an affair. From that survey,  we divided the participants into four groups.
Females       injured by an affair
Males       injured by an affair
Females       who cheated
Males       who cheated

After analyzing the data, there was one problem that  was common to injured males and females that was so significant I couldn’t ignore  discussing it today.

In fact, Dr. Gunzburg has dedicated a very large section of his  program to solving it..

But before I share what that one problem is, let me explain  the second reason many relationships end even when both individuals want it to  survive.

After an affair, the intensity of the problems in the  relationship looks like a mountain too high to climb.

First you have the personal devastation and emotional trials  of the injured; second you have the emotions from the cheating spouse; thirdly  you have the cracks in the relationship; and fourth you may have the other  person lingering in the shadows.

These problems compound on top of each other and the  relationship crumbles because…

Neither of You Has a Clue Where to Start

Most couples fail to understand that healing their  relationship after an affair isn’t only about doing and saying the right  things. What’s critically important is  that we do and say the right things… in the correct order.

As we’ve shared in the past, Dr. Gunzburg’s program How to Survive an Affair isn’t a book. It’s  a healing system.

While most books, tapes or audio programs discuss the  realities of what an affair does to a relationship, Dr. Gunzburg provides advice,  exercises and steps to follow (in the proper order) while you move through the  3 phases of healing.

For example, after you overcome the intense emotions and  start to feel normal again through the first phase of healing, the second phase  of healing teaches you how to talk again.

If you can’t talk to your partner, you can’t rebuild your  relationship. Emotions are very touchy.

You might feel incredibly angry at your partner and want to  blow up, or you may try and rationalize the affair or judge the cheater. While these feelings are natural, how you  express them is going to be important.

You certainly don’t want to make matters worse.

That’s why there are four minefields (in Section 5) Dr.  Gunzburg coaches you to avoid to keep your relationship from being further  damaged.

Once you understand how to navigate around those minefields  you’ll be ready to address one of the single most important components of the  healing process.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Partner

There is one thing more important than expressing how  much the cheater has hurt you.

What’s more valuable is when the cheating partner fully understands how much they’ve hurt you. But this  process is extremely tricky.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between what we think  our partner needs and what they actually need. That is why Dr. Gunzburg  provides a step-by-step exercise for living in your partner’s shoes.

When followed the results can be a true and heartfelt  apology.

Read just a few stories we gather every day from over 20,000  couples who’ve used Dr. Gunzburg’s program.

“Dr. Gunzburg, your program is  practical and non-judgmental. You  recognize that everyone responds differently to an affair. What really helped me was first working on  myself to deal with the overwhelming emotions and then deal with the issues  with my partner. It also allowed me to  step away from the affair and see my partner’s pain and suffering (guilt and  shame). I realized that we are both  human. In this way I could learn to  trust and forgive.”

Melanie  A
Vancouver, Canada

“Transparency has helped both of us a  lot. I still get nervous at times, but I  do believe trust has been restored. We  wouldn’t have understood how important it is for the wounded spouse’s feelings  to be validated and cared for without your program. My husband realized how deep the damage to me  really was and section three helped him understand this. I read the program almost every day; it is my  “bible.” Without it, I don’t know  what I would have done. It’s been three  months and we are still healing but we are not yelling and fighting, just  talking and discussing what we need from each other. We are on section 5 and are starting to work  together to repair the damage.”

Andrea  R.
Marlborough, MA

Test How to Survive an Affair for Three Months

Today I am going to ask you to take the next step and try Dr. Gunzburg’s How to Survive an Affair for  three-months. If it doesn’t transform  the connection between you and your spouse, then we will gladly give you every  cent back.

Today when you  order, we’ll ship (via USPS) the complete program. In addition you’ll receive immediate access  to our membership site where you can download the complete program.

After you receive the program, turn to Section 5 – Preparing for Recovery – Steps for Moving Toward  Healing. Inside that section you  will discover:
How       to protect your relationship from further harm (the four minefields)
How       to see through the eyes of your partner
How       to understand your partner’s pain
How       to ask for forgiveness
The       6 steps to creating a heartfelt apology
How       to talk about the affair

What I talked about  today represents only 1/10th of the healing you’ll receive from Dr.  Gunzburg.

Use this link to  read more about the program

“Dr. Gunzburg, my husband has now fully  understood the extent of the pain he has caused. He has finally taken responsibility for his  actions and apologized honestly.”

Stephanie Anderson

P.S. After  you have discovered how to understand each other, Dr. Gunzburg will walk you  through his method for learning how to meet each other’s needs. In section 6 of the program you’ll be guided  through 10 Critical Conversations with your Partner. Use this Link to Get Started Now
Saving Your Marriage

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Regards and best wishes for you and your marriage.

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