You Need To Be Willing To Go All The Way To Save Your Marriage

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Are you willing to go all the way to save your marriage?

I happen to love watching football and  I like the analogyof a hail mary. When their is 1 play left and seconds on the clock, many times you”ll see a team throw the ball into the end zone and everybody prays the intended receiving team catches the ball.

When you run plays like this… typically it”s all or nothing. Does your relationship feel like this? if so, I you to invest 2minutes and read what I have to say.

When your relationship is really bad… you need to identify what the  core underlying problems are. We all know this isn”t a fun project, but we”ve uncovered that this is the key if you want to:
Stop the divorce
Work through the issues of an affair
Learn how to rebuild mutual respect for each  other
Learn what to do and say to bring your spouse home
Rebuild good communication
Learn how to have fun together

And most importantly… regain hope.

Here”s the general process couples who save their marriages take.

Step 1: Uncover what they are doing wrong
Marriage is never the problem… it”s the two people in the marriage who create the problem(s). When we”re selfish, insecure, angry, demanding, and/or demeaning… we really can make a mess of things.

Things may seem more hopeless than ever to you now that you”ve read that. You may read that statement and think, “Oh great!It”s not  the marriage but my spouse and I who are the problem. Now we”rereally out of  luck.”

But that isn”t true either. Because there”s another part of the secret I shared with Angie and Donald:

People can change.

In fact, social scientists now agree that we can change our spouse by making simple changes in our own behavior. For example, if you”re spouse makes a negative comment… simply by responding differently you can change the way they treat you in the future.

Over the years, I”ve seen thousands of couples confront the problems in their marriages and overcome them so that they can  lead happy, healthy, prosperous lives together.

And you can too and we have a program that can hold your hand and show you what to do. This is the most effective alternative to counseling.

This program will be your instruction manual to a better marriage. It will take you on a path that will lead you step by step through  the difficulties you face so that you have the best possible chance of  rebuilding your marriage.

You may not like what you hear. In fact, this program may challenge your thoughts and at time upset you, but if you swallow that pill, the benefit of a happy marriage will far outweigh the pride you may have to choke down.

Step 2: Untangle your problems
Most marriages that are in trouble suffer from more than one problem. Okay, so you have problems communicating. Do you have any idea how  many other areas of your marriage that affects?

Think about all the compounded issues in your relationship.

Problems are piled one on another and have to be separated in order to find some peace. If your marriage is particularly dysfunctional, you might find yourself living in an immense puzzle box: compartment upon  compartment of problems.

The only way to sort through this mess is to get yourself an  instruction  manual so that you can see the entire structure, figure out which areas need particular work, and learn how to get at those areas so that  you can work on them.

Most couples don”t even know how to determine a starting point.

And that is why we developed this  marriage-saving program. It designed to take you on a path that will lead you step by step through the  difficulties you face so that you have the best possible chance of rebuilding  your marriage.

Step 3: Work  through the steps of the program

Each section of the program builds on the next in order to give you a complete picture of the struggles that most marriages face and provide  you with techniques you can use to overcome these problems. I encourage you to  read through the entire program, even though you might be tempted to scan over  the table of contents, look for your major issues,and focus on just those  areas.

Some areas won”t apply to you. For example, you might not have suffered from infidelity. So why should you read the section about it?

If you skip or omit sections, you will shortchange yourself.  Some of the solutions or techniques are cumulative. That is,they build on each  other.

Also, there is material in every section that will strengthen your relationship.

For example, if you want to know how to stop the fighting, you really need to know how to communicate first. Consider infidelity. Most affairs actually occur in relationships in which the idea of breaking the vows  of fidelity is inconceivable. To keep this from happening to you, you have to  protect your relationship from potential affairs; you cannot take the promise of fidelity for granted.

Even  though I recommend that you read through this entire program, I believe that it is worthwhile to give you an overview of the program so that you can prepare for what”s to come. It”s always helpful to prime the pump, so to speak.

Take that first step today and send for this free introductory resouce……


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